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LOL! I have a farm.

and the rights my Creator gave me.
Let me point out that you just admitted you don't understand the labeling game. Let me tell you again that I have, due to my trying to prepare to farm for a living, looked deeply into the matter. You want me to explain a rats nest of regulations to you in three sentences or less.... and I can't. I must be wrong then...
Here's one example, but you have to understand that these regulations are spread all over the place. You line your ducks up with one agency, then find out there is a whole pool of ducks that another agency wants you to tend.
I can grow lettuce, pick it, take it to a farmer's market. No worries. I can grow spinach, pick it, take it to market, no worries. If I put the spinach and the lettuce in a bag together, I am "preparing food" and will get fined or jailed for taking that to market without the proper licenses. No one is going to come check my lettuce or my spinach operations, they just want paid. If I want to put a label on it, and I want to brag about my organic practices, I am FORBIDDEN from using the word unless I have paid someone. That agency will come hassle me and jack me around over trivia for a while, then give me my certification, then NEVER COME BACK. So, how many "organic" labels are from places that STILL practice organic farming? Probably most. But there are almost certainly some sneaking in the pesticides and such, and I am prohibited from saying my lettuce is "organic" regardless of the lack of pesticides and such.

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