Comment: Take AIM at REAL issues...NOT politicized polarizing BS

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Take AIM at REAL issues...NOT politicized polarizing BS

I have committed to grow the fight against UN Agenda 21, End The FED, and of course educate the people about the NDAA and the real issue pertaining to gun rights and the problem of mass shootings.
First of all, we are forming coalitions on a state and local level in Ohio to educate people on how to recognize and fight UN Agenda 21 and the loss of liberty and property rights that comes with what is termed as smart growth, sustainable development, and the infamous republican term of economic development, which all translate to regionalization, better known as global government. Here is an event we just held in order to educate and motivate the liberty groups and as many elected representatives as we could get to turn out. Which we managed close to 250 people in attendance.
This particular issue is one with which we can build coalitions with democrats as well as republicans because it is understood by everyone that loss of liberty is not a good thing no matter how you look at it. This is NOT an establishment polarizing politicized divide and rule issue like many of the issues that the parties and the media use to keep people fighting with one another as they continue to move ahead with ever increasing spending and take our rights away.
Which leads into the End The FED movement which has allowed us to unite with the occupy movement with considerable effort to point them in the right direction concerning exactly WHO it is that is killing the economic system through corruption and manipulation of the value of our currency. How can we blame free market capitalism when we don't even have free market capitalism and are forced to try to save under crony capitalism where the banks get all the breaks and even get away with fraud and abuse of the people? The dollar continues to lose it's value because of inflation caused by the FED and their manipulation of the value of our dollar, and we as taxpayer's are left holding the bag to pay down the national debt which never happens because our government continues over spending and raising the debt ceiling again and again and again.
Concerning the second amendment...
There is no way in hell that any gun rights organization worth the powder to blow it away (pun intended) should consider compromise on ANY further infringements on our gun rights without a REAL debate concerning that 'other' very real participant in all of the mass shootings that have taken place over the past several decades, that being the 'legal' prescription anti-depressant psychotropic drugs that these shooters were on when they committed the crimes and then most of whom took their own life. I am referring to drugs that have KNOWN side effects that include suicide and homicidal tendencies. This should be top priority as far as conversation concerning "what to do" about ending these tragic events. And until the gun rights groups face this particular REAL issue concerning these drugs they will no longer get any further funding from me.
OUTLAW the prescription KILLER drugs.
Now, as far as the NDAA goes. We may have to remove everyone who voted for it from office. These people need to all be impeached and/or tried for treason.
Piss on the right to work crap, and any of those other polarizing issues that keep us divided. We must work WITH people we may not agree with on particular issues if we are going save our free republic.
Let's work on REAL issues of concern.

Besides working on all of this, I put out a somewhat regular e-newsletter that includes many of the latest stories concerning these issues. We call it the PATRIOT UPDATE. If you ever get one...check it out. And then PASS IT ON.