Comment: This ban is a waste of time.........

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This ban is a waste of time.........

A) SCOTUS will overturn it.
B) Many red-state local law enforcement agencies will ignore it, blue-states won't
C) Many Americans will ignore it
D) Republicans will overturn it once they take majority control and this ban will go a loooooong ways in making sure that happens.

But hey, it will give HLS the right to search any American's home, any time.

I say people that oppose this ban start calling their local law enforcement, tell them you saw someone (an Obamabot gun-grabber) carrying what you believe to look like one of those scary guns that Diane Frankenstein showed on TV and you rather not give your name for fear of your life for ratting them out.

Nothing would be nicer to see law enforcement bust down the door of some Obamabot, automatic weapons drawn, ransacking their house looking for a scary gun that they don't own. Justice served.