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The Silent Scream

You said: "no one will ever know if a woman aborts a child."

I ask:

Is she going to abort the child by herself, or is someone going to help her? Will the child know it is being aborted? Will the child know it has been aborted?

You think that is a foolish question? I take it as a very serious question.

I did look at the link...rape victims forced to carry babies to reply had nothing to do with the link. My reply has to do with your words.

A "fake" rape victim was the source of Roe v. Wade. And please, do not accuse me of being heartless towards a person who has been raped. That is a horrible, horrible, horrible crime against a person. The unwillful penetration. An unwillful penetration is then to be performed on the result of the unwillful penetration. Is that the answer to the problem? The execution of the child? And about the mother? She is then left to mourn the loss of her innocence as well as the loss of the innocent while someone makes a buck off of her misfortune.

There is a multi-million dollar industry build around the misfortune of women and the demise of the unborn.

Maybe we should begin to look behind the curtain to see who reaps the benefit of the money: