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Liberty Award

Somebody please give the "Liberty Award" to Mr. Dudley.
I wish we had more people in Government with your attitude Mr. Dudley.
To the Chicken Poop "Nazi" councilmen who left the premises, please turn in your resignations as soon as possible.
Now I know what a Nazi looks like...A COWARD.
Why did you NOT support this guy who fought for your freedoms?
Why did you swear to "uphold" the constitution, when those were empty promises, as evident by your lack of support for this citizen who exercised his rights.
To the Veteran who open carried into the meeting, I salute you for being a real American...Not like the chicken poop councilmen who were too afraid.
They are afraid because they are morally bankrupt.
The righteous are bold as a lion, the wicked flee when no one pursues.