Comment: Time To Start A New Party *

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Time To Start A New Party *

unfortunately, but it MUST be done NOW. This new party needs to strictly adhere to the principles espoused by Ron Paul. Ron can continue educating young men and women on campuses. This new party will be the recipient of many of those young men and women.

Two of my MAJOR requirements for this new party are: No flippin' compromise on the original intent of our US Constitution... not one inch, and ALL controversial issues pushed DOWNWARD to the lowest level of government possible. In other words, controversial issues like abortion, drugs, homosexuality, etc won't even PROCEED from the lips of candidates except at local levels, i.e. county and below. When the electorate actually SEES a party that is serious about its convictions and is as inclusive as POSSIBLE, they'll leave the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and other 3rd parties in droves. Conviction... conviction ... conviction... on constitutional principles and ORIGINAL intent of our founders. Let's GO! The TIME is NOW!

* There's little reason to stop attending Republican meetings IMMEDIATELY so keep harassing them. In fact, keep harassing the GOP until THEY change even if you get kicked out temporarily or permanently.