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First of all

this bill just shows me again that a lot of the "pro life" crowed is for abortion on demand. Specifically those that are in office that want to show that they are anti abortion. If someone was really pro life or anti abortion (note I refer to myself as anti abortion) theyre argument would always be that the baby has a heartbeat 18 days after conception, that it is a life, and that the innocent child should not be killed but that the rapist should be killed, particularly since rappest tend to do their crime again as soon as they get out of prison. Basically the bill that was introduced did not refer to the baby as a child but an object, but the "pro life" lobby will still funnel money toward this person who is doing their darnedest to discredit them.

Second, I am against abortion for any reason except for in the case of when the life of the mother AND child are in clear danger of death. I think that states should make clear laws about what this entails. I feel again in the case of incest or rape execution should be the punishment. Furthermore there are more people than you think who are children of a rape victim and their rapest, it is not kind to always go around and say that they should have been snuffed out. Also considering the brutality of the human race if we go back far enough it is almost certain we all have a lineage that resulted from at least one rape, thats not to say it is right, but the fact is that if everyone aborted then you nor I would be here today.

Frankly abortion smacks of utopia thinking to me. It is always sold as if we can just abort enough babies, or control the population, everything will be wonderful. Unwanted baby just abort wouldnt want it destroying your life, utopia is just one abortion away. Fact is 64% of abortions are from women who WANT to have their baby but are pressured into the abortion by a third party. So the whole pro choice thing is a lie.