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The baby did not commit any crimes. The man that raped the woman committed the crime. Jackass. (not you, the man who raped the woman).

I could never have an abortion. If I was raped and wanted to have one, you better believe I would have one whether the state says it is legal or not. So, the state is saying the are going to imprison these woman for "tampering with evidence." Evidence=fetus. They do not look at the child as anything more than evidence so they do not really need to be claiming the moral high ground of defending life, what they are defending is evidence in a legal procedure and let's be honest.... one more reason to imprison someone is a hard on for these people.

I do not consider myself a "pro choice" or "pro lifer" here. I think it is too muddy to be exactly on one side. But when you say that pro choice people have no qualms rape or no rape... well... I think that add the word rape into the equation and I do not have as many qualms as I do without that word.

At the end of the day, God will decide.