Comment: Come on!

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Come on!

Twitter, really? To vote for a journalist for excellence in journalism? His videos won't fit into 65 characters. I can't vote for him because I don't have a tweaker account nor will I ever. I thought I could vote for him until I found out you need a tweak account.

I hope he wins but that's a load of baloney. Give me a break. Why can only twitter people vote. It's ridiculous. If he wins "I wons the tweeter awardz" What kind of award is that? He needs a real award. We should give him a Daily Paul award. He's already earned it.

It would be nice if he won but that's only on a website that only allows people to "share" 65 characters with complete strangers who may or may not be hiding in the bushes when you tweet "almost home".

Did I use up my 65 characters yet?

No offense though LL, I know this is important to you. And apologies to other twitter users, I just find absolutely no utility in the service.