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1) The State Dept budget for embassy and consulate security was cut AND frozen in 2011
2) Neither the Tripoli or Benghazi consulates have budgets yet (or several other new ones since 2011)
3) the Anti-Deficiency Act requires 80% funding for each facility -- which means budgets are stretched thin and being juggled
4) the Secretary of State doesn't directly manage security logistics, recommendations or staffing of security details

The only thing Rand has accomplished in his attack on Hillary is to highlight the "urgent need" for INCREASED FUNDING (more spending) therefore looking like a pariah engaging in personal attacks for political gain - OR - just being a loose cannon with poor judgement on when to pick battles while helping seal the case in the public arena for MORE SPENDING. (the jokes on Rand)

And he missed the opportunity to highlight the REAL problem. That we shouldn't be there at all and these deaths are just more blowback. Ron's dad called Hillary to the mat several time on the morality of war issues and the end result was Hillary agreeing AND telling Ron how much she respects him. While at the same time creating viral youtubes boosting Ron Paul's statesman like qualities.

And returning to items #1-3 in the list, Rand could have pointed out how much of the blame falls on ---> CONGRESS for failure to budget and arbitrary spending caps with legal penalties.

Non-intervention and the danger of blowback aren't just a couple of minor issues that can be casually left out for future discussions. They are THE issues in the context of these hearings.

Oh well... proceed with your Rand worship... :)

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