Comment: Hmmm, his voting record is

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Hmmm, his voting record is

Hmmm, his voting record is not as good as Ron Paul's but it's damn close!

As a senator he's done well.
-He forced individual votes on horrendous NDAA amendments which then ended up failing as no senator wanted to individually be on the record for voting for some of those nasty amendments.

-He helped add the amendment to the NDAA which was a restating of the 6th amendment though it may not help.

-He wrote the Audit the Fed bill and keeps pushing it along the best he can.

He's done a bunch. Like I said, there's no other senator who's doing more than Rand. And as a senator Rand is more vocal and heard than Ron Paul simply because he has the clout of a senator. Rand does the politicking which his father avoided. Overall, his voting record is awesome! So I believe he acts like Ron Paul and is the Ron Paul equivalent in the Senate.