Comment: Thank you Rand

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Thank you Rand

You have established in the interveiw with Kerry, that Kerry sees the tax payer as a piggy bank to fule arms wars, and other nation's people as fodder, or chips, on what price we must pay, in the form of weapons. Pakistan loses 6,000 people, American's piggy bank sends Pakistan f-16s to say,, THANKS.

Rand also made it clear that Kerry is more in tuned with a UN Resolution and a US Resolution when it comes to war.

Rand has flushed out Obama'a SOS's Clinton and Kerry.. and proving he is even minded, mild mannered with a fire in his belly, and I'm very pleased.. will have to watch this vid a few times for educational purposes. I really appreciate the education. If it were not for Rand.. we would be doing a lot of quessing about what's in store for America when it comes to Foreign Policy.

The only thing I wish that could have been brought up is the issue about North Korea testing nukes aimed for the USA. Maybe that headline today was BS.. but so was Kerry's responses to Senator Rand Paul.

I bet Ron is very proud of Rand. I am.