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if someone doesn't become a paid subscriber, they should at least consider a donation to keep this resource up and running.

Times are tough for everyone (including me), and the agenda of the tyrants is beginning to accelerate. This is all the more reason to maintain a place where we can learn, share, and communicate vital information so that we can best prepare for the challenges ahead.
I have gotten to know the owner of this website over the last couple of years, and I believe he is a responsible and honest person. He lives within his means, and I believe uses his money wisely. He's not driving a brand new car, or wearing the latest fashions.
(far from it) He's getting by with what he has.

You wouldn't work for free 40+ hours a week for years on end. Why would you expect someone else to?

Maintaining a website costs money.

To use one of Michael's analogies:
Some people on the user end of a website look at it like a water faucet. They think all they have to do is turn the knob and the water will always be there. They don't think of the miles of plumbing, the drainage ditches, treatment plants, and other people and infrastructure involved in helping that "water" get to the faucet.

It's time to pay the water bill folks. The owner hates to even have to ask for it, so I'm going to be the one who calls for it.

Do you want to see a thread with the headline
"DP shutting down for good?"

I don't.

There is not another website that I know of that gives more freedom of expression, leniency on subject matter, and the ability to customize the content to your specific taste.

If this place has taught you one thing, or made a change in your perspective that has positively impacted your life, then I ask that you please give something back. The time is now. Even if it's 5 or 10 bucks. Many hands make light work.