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I will go a step further

Individual liberty is ONLY possible via private property.

The implication is that natural individual rights do not extend to a collective or public property. Collective/public property is governed via democracy - the will of the majority via elected representitives. Thus, regulations.

Therefore, freedom of speech or the right to carry guns in PUBLIC has nothing to do with natural individual rights, only with the Bill of Rights from the Constitution.

Ayn Rand was the one to stress that point. That is why, under socialism or any other big collective, individual freedoms are not possible in the same way they are possible under private property.

+++ That is a good example why Objectivism trumps other Libertarian currents - if you believe that individual rights come from god, nature or rothbardian axiom, you cannot make such a conclusion as Ayn does. Indirectly, the same Ayn's argument destroys utopia of anarchism.