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LOL! Big indication someone


Big indication someone doesn't understand what I'm saying is when they think I'm offering a defense of Obama.

We're missing each other on semantics; I'm not speaking in legal terms. I strictly mean, in a literal sense, Obama did not commit the act of murder. He directed it. The commission came at the hands of someone else.

The point I'm aiming for is that the term "murderer" (in a literal sense, not letting legalese cloud semantics) should be reserved strictly for the person who commits the act. I think the fact that we don't, leads to exactly this confusion, and nobody can actually hold the murder- the actual act - in a negative light. Instead, the leader, directing the murders, consumes all the blame and those who actually commit the act are effectively pardoned.

Words are very important. This is all Animal Farm stuff, in real life, right now.