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I'm open to a civil debate

I thought your thread was ridiculous, but it's clear you are genuinely making the claim and not being antagonistic. It's clear you are also open to a civil and rationalized debate. So, I withdraw my "ridiculous" comment.

I completely understand your point of view. I will attempt to negate your point using logic and reason only, unlike others who will demagogue the issue.

If you hire a hitman to kill someone are you to blame or is the hitman? Well, I'd say it's you.

Immoral men have always existed and will always exist. But they don't pull the trigger until you compromise your principles to have them do it for you. A hitman would have no business if men no longer had the desire to kill.

The basic level of the gun control argument is an excellent example. Is the person responsible for killing or is the gun? Well, I'd say it's the person, because the gun is only an ends to the means. If someone really wants to kill another person, they will find a way to do it.

So it is with the hitman hired by the employer, so it is with the soldier ordered by the President.