Comment: Why Does Everyone Assume

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Why Does Everyone Assume

that drone operators are "over there"? I saw an article about one drone operator who actually controlled the plane from a base in New Mexico. They pick guys that have played video games for years to be drone pilots. They put them in small very isolated capsule like trailers with no windows out in the middle of nowhere and have them blow up stuff by screen. It has a video game affect and they don't really associate what they are doing with the reality so much. This particular kid said that at one time he was told to blow up a building and that just as he was firing he saw what kind of looked like a kid walk around the building right before it blew up. He asked the command center if that was a kid and was told it was a dog. A two legged dog. Anyway after several years of this the kid ended up mentally messed up and now just sits in his parents' house in a daze. Or so the article said. Is this the fault of the kid? I think not.