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Smart meters like countless

Smart meters like countless other topics is one where average people think the capabilities of the smart meters and smart grid are paranoid "conspiracy theory" of kooks. They don't read any of the press releases or brochures for the meters or anything. At most they go to the cleverly worded FAQ from the utilities that says they don't track what appliances people use... so they think smart meters can't do that. Of course they can, it's just that those features aren't used yet. To most people the smart meter just means peak load pricing and no meter reader.... which of course could be accomplished with much more simple devices.

I dealt with that in another forum today until I shoved a two year old Maytag press release in their faces that explicitly said their new 'smart' dryer would take instructions from the utility via the smart grid (which means through the smart meter).

What is so aggravating is that people don't even inform themselves. None of this stuff would happen if people just bothered to inform themselves instead of just allowing themselves to be socially manipulated into going along.