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He is doing and saying way

He is doing and saying way more than any other republican. He is purposely not making waves. He is intelligent and being hard yet soft. He is really creating a bridge just like I said in my last response. We need the neocons on our side even if they are outdated and don't agree with us. It's the only way we'll win. If he wants to play soft I say go ahead. We all know what he really means. But we are the intelligent ones. We spend time here and other places learning, sharing, and doing what we can to make a difference. Those people that here his "softness" and don't understand are the people we need to reach out to. Forget about them reaching out to us.... we now that's not happening. He is reaching out to them, he is speaking to us while at the same time bringing those neo-con dicksmacks to our side. He is doing well.