Comment: Chain of Command? Always hazardous. But there's more worrisome.

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Chain of Command? Always hazardous. But there's more worrisome.

(It's as reply to SheldonFromDownUnder's thorough comment below, just in case he'd want to edit it)

The Chain of Command's extent of power has in all times throughout History been worrisome. When it gets corrupt from the very top, that is.

However, there may as well be another one "Chain of-" ... EVEN MORE WORRISOME, in such times.

Few have ever really focused or exposed it at lengths, except for the Ancients of course, that sadly almost nobody reads any longer these days.

So, for the OP, in case he missed it, a recent contemporary update on the nature of the thing:

A terse, but great, expose I recommend to anyone who wishes to grasp/be recalled about the FULL EXTENT OF HARMFUL POTENTIAL of moral hazard, once it has got to poison broadly THE PEOPLE, THEMSELVES.

Remember: it's like fish; the head starts rotting the first. But you just DON'T want the rotting generalizing to the rest of the body too quick/at all. Ever. Or else, then, it's usually time to leave for one's own safety.

"God Forbid."

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