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Comment: Always be skeptical of any news source

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Always be skeptical of any news source

Good media for news:
RT, Haaretz, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, CBC, BBC, PBS, Rachel Maddow, Lou Dobbs (if you can handle the anti-immigrant anti-commie stuff), Veterans Today (if you can handle the anti-zionist stuff), The Atlantic, the Washington Times, Hardball with Chris Mathews (one of the only guys with the cahones to put the boots to the Neo-Cons if you can look past all the left wing crap), The Toronto Star, Le Monde.

Infowars occasionally has an interesting article, though they repeat and recycle some articles ad nauseam.

Many of these news organizations are attacked by the Neo-Con controlled press on pretty much a daily basis, especially the BBC and CBC, to which they constantly push to de-fund these old state reporting agencies.