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+1. Yes, Vince.

+1. Yes, Vince.

Undeclared war is unconstitutional.

On that topic alone, I have always been touched ... by a breath.

Yes, a breath.

Anyone who needs a refresher. Listen carefully HOW Ron Paul would breathe/take his breath when uttering these words of warnings:

He was upset. Though amazingly relatively calm before that sort of infamy.

He was caring about what almost nobody else would. The true meaning of the Constitution, that is. That they, "Democrats" and "Republicans" (same look-alike rent-seeking gangs in Congress anyway) were treading upon - by letting the Executive TEAR IT OFF. As almost everybody else was fed with the "Monica L." affair - the distraction curtain to help them feed the gullible, useful idiots, and voyeurs.

Bread and Circuses. And the Moral Hazard it fuels.

Let's just look at WHERE we are today, now.

Predictable. Predicted. Obtained.

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