Comment: I didn't watch this but I am

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I didn't watch this but I am

I didn't watch this but I am getting kind of pissed about all of this drug and mental health shit. I'm on effexor and that is only because I get panic attacks. If you've ever had a panic attack you know it really has nothing to do with your mental state. They just happen randomly. I take that an xanax. The xanax is only for when I feel one might me coming on. In any case, I am not depressed and I have no emotional problems. I get panic attacks, that's it. It makes you feel like you are dying. You can be sitting there fine for one minute and then the next your heart rate goes up to like 160 beats per minute for no reason and you get light headed and just feel like you are going to die. It's like a heart attack but every time you go to the emergency room you discover that it's all in your head... or at least there is nothing "physically" wrong with you. So, I take effexor and I take xanax and I am not crazy and my prescription has nothing to do with anything mental in my opinion. Do they help me not have panic attacks? Yes they do. Do I ever want to go out and kill? No I don't. Should I be able to arm and protect myself? Yes I should. Why is it always so black and white with people on every issue? Why can't we just blame the person?

The drugs haven't made me kill anyone. I've never felt like killing anyone. I am who I am and of course I believe in defending the constitution and the second amendment and I will fight and die for it, but I don't want that to happen. I'm ready if it does happen. How does that make me any different than any other law abiding patriotic American?