Comment: BTW, those "electrical jolts"

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BTW, those "electrical jolts"

BTW, those "electrical jolts" that person said at the end. I have felt those myself. They are very random and just kind of feels like your skull is pulling on your brain then goes through your body then it's over. It's not pleasant but neither are panic attacks.

I have been on effexor off and on for 3 years. And I never had any trouble. I got off it the last time because I felt I was OK and slowly got weened off of it. But after about a year I got a few very hardcore panic attacks and had to get back on it. I don't want to take it but it helps. I assume once I am free of feelings of panic attack I'll stop taking it again and hope I don't get any more panic attacks. We'll see. Honestly, I think the xanax hekps me more than anything but you know how doctors are. They consider xanax a narcotic so they are careful with it. I get a 10 refill scrip on my effexor but I have to see the Dr. every time to get my xanax. I dunno. I just think xanax or ativane would be fine and take care of any of my problems but apparently what they want is for the effexor to take care of it so I don't ever have to use xanax. I don't see that happening but whatever. I know some people use xanax to get high but I honestly never got high from it except for when I first took it (and it really fucked me up). I was given a normal dose and it made me feel really high so I started taking half a dose then later I talked to my doctor and we decided half a dose was fine. Now I just take half what she first proscribed and they help a lot. Sometimes I have to take more than normal but that is only if I am feeling really jittery.

In any case, I'd love to take just xanax when I need to but unfortunately the fucking drug addicts who snort way more than the normal dose fucked that shit up for people who really need it.

Whatever, that's just my case. DO I like taking effexor, no. Does it make me want to kill, no. I've stopped taking it before and i did it slowly and I was fine. Now, I'm sure it makes a HUGE difference with teenagers. Who the hell wasn't a huge idiot when they were a teenager? I don't see why you'd ever give a teenager psychotic drugs. There are too many crazy hormones running around to start screwing with it. There are many kids who are depressed when they are teenagers. It's called fucking high school! Being an outcast in high school is the new norm. Of course the preppy, rich, jock kids are happy, they don't ever have to do shit and get everything handed to them on a silver platter because the teachers in school go right along with the kids. They love the popular kids and shit on the others. Teachers, don't deny it's true.

IN short, these drugs are helpful for some and after watching the video I agree to an extent but these drugs are the same as many others. You have to have the right mindset before taking them. I did LSD quite a few times when I was a teenager and every time I did it it was either bad or good depending on where I was and how the atmosphere was. I see this as the same thing.

You can't give a teenager some drug that's going to fuck with his head when a teenager's head is already fucked up to begin with. In my mind it's all about the person's true mental state. Someone who wants to kill themselves will and no amount of drugs will make that any different. These drugs are for people who have mild problems who are able to cope with their lives but may have a few problems or some sort of depression.

That's my opinion because I am on them and I understand how they work. I could see someone who is not able to cope being pushed further because of the drugs but for those who have problems that are not completely out of control they seem to work. At least for adults that is. Teenagers should never be on these drugs. That's my opinion. There is no need. You can't diagnos a teenager with anything because every teenager is fucked up. It's just stupid to put a teenager on any kind of psychotic medication unless you know for a fact that they have something like schizophrenia.