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the difference

Medicine USED to be predicated on the Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm.
The very notion that a drug can come to market with a LABEL that it may be fatal is anathema to true healing. Other medications get pulled off the market when a fatal side effect is discovered, or even a serious one. All these drugs got was a "black box warning" and everyone thinks "that can't happen to me" including the prescribers. I nearly died from the side effects. Here is the thing, once labelled "mentally ill" you cannot complain of these side effects without getting told you are even crazier than they first thought. If a blood pressure pill raised someone's blood pressure, they would be immediately told to stop the medicine. If insulin raised blood sugar levels, it would be stopped. With SSRIs, if you say they are making you suicidal you will likely be put in a cage and forcibly medicated until you stop complaining. Often, you stop complaining when you kill yourself.
I doubt you can get it, but if the opportunity arises, take ayahuasca. I used to suffer debilitating panic attacks, my "fight or flight" response was WHACKED. A friend provided me a unique opportunity, and I have been free of the worst symptoms since.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.