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Yeah, I honestly have done

Yeah, I honestly have done some research on herbal remedies for them but as of right now I'm sticking on my meds. I do some day want to have some sort of herbal remedy because I am about self-reliance. I was thinking valerian. But I'm not sure. I have to get to the point to where I'm comfortable getting off of my meds again to try it out.

But, no I am totally open to natural remedies. Don't think because I am giving a positive post about the meds that I am praising them indefinitely. I know they aren't good which is why I got off of them the first time when I thought I no longer needed them. It turned out the attacks started again. Once I get more comfortable and feel like I won't have them anymore (again), I'll start growing some herbs that supposedly help with such things.

But when you say debilitating you are exactly right. Panic attacks are just that. It's hard to explain to someone who has never had them but they suck... big time.

In any case, I think the meds have their uses but I know they aren't for everyone. Teenagers should not be on them. People are to quick to give meds to teenagers when they don't need them. Do they forget how they were when they were a teenager? Perhaps they don't because they lived in a different world, but your teen years are fucked up.... I am sure they are over prescribed by like 90%