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My Story

I'm here to tell you I went on an antidepressant recently because I was dealing with some mild anxiety going through a rough patch with a lot of life changes and I was having a hard time coping. I was on it for about three months and during that time I plunged into a serious depression, I was unable to get out of bed most days and later it began to escalate to thoughts of suicide. I also began having violent thoughts about others and often found myself seriously considering harming my best friend (WTF!).

What happened to me is that I ended up finding a distraction and became very busy for a few weeks in December and stopped taking the drugs without noticing. Since I have been off them about six weeks now and my "depression" has completely disappeared and so have my thoughts of suicide.

I am not saying that they do not benefit some, but you need to be under close supervision when on them, and physicians shouldn't give them out so wantonly, which many most certainly do. I had a physician once try to put me on SSRIs just because I came into his office for something completely unrelated and he thought I was jittery.