Comment: I am another voice in the wilderness for these babies

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I am another voice in the wilderness for these babies

I have given a lot of thinking for myself about abortion.

I have even tried to imagine how I'd feel about it if I had to think of it, if I were a woman.

Which denotes the weirdo I am also at times, since I'm just a man.

But more seriously.

I don't claim to be the only one to try think out of the box, but I haven't seen anybody making the point I'm about to make. On either continents, in 42 years.

Of course abortion is a morality issue. Big news.

But aren't we STILL failing to connect the dots? In 2013. In "the age of the iPhone". Of heart surgery. Of brain surgery, even. Of 70+ years of life expectancy. Etc.

I'm no woman, but I don't think any sane of them ever "enjoyed" abortion. Especially years after the event, recollecting. So back to what it is, exactly:

aren't we, all here, in this thread, happy to have tasted LIFE? Aren't we happy to have been a little drunk sometimes in a party with friends? Aren't we happy to have seen beautiful landscapes? Aren't we happy to have been amazed by new knowledge we got in one of our "Haha! moments"? Aren't we happy to have made love many times, and more to come? Aren't we happy to have tasted meals "better than sex"?

Indeed, aren't we happy about how LIFE, itself, feels, if we ignore for a second pain, sadness, anger, etc, otherwise?

And we're talking about whether abortion should be made illegal or legal and by whom, and for how long, and under which circumstances?

Again. Of course the idea of killing a baby, not even born, is not appealing. Big news.

But... wait. 2013. We've sent stuff in outer space and saved people with medicine/surgery in cases that where hopeless only 50 years ago.

What the hell is going on, really? Isn't the abortion debate in some kind of fog?

Unless I don't have my facts straight, the fetus malformations which are so serious that everybody is hopeless... aren't they very rare, after all?

Also, how come so many rapes make people worry so much about the woman still having an unwanted baby, after all?

Don't we have parents? Don't we have siblings? Don't we have best friends? How come we are so tempted to expect the laws to help the unfortunate woman (either way) instead of the people around her, voluntarily, compassionately, with love?

How come defending life "at all cost" isn't more SELF-EVIDENT?

Why do we have instead avoid more inconvenience for society "at all cost"?

So, the right to life of the LIVING, UNBORN BABY who hasn't even got a chance TO TASTE LIFE comes AFTER society's convenience? The unfortunate woman's? Her family's? Her other relatives?

Aren't we walking on our heads? Shouldn't everybody around DO EVERYTHING, financially, psychologically, practically, they can to help KEEP the baby, instead, WITHOUT EVEN ANYONE HAVING to ask them do so?


Yes. How come, really?

Here is why. Here is my thinking out the box.

As of today, we can't do anything about this morality issue. Not by law. EITHER way. Certainly not by the government.

Further: NOT EVEN by lobbying groups or churches or what else.

We can't do anything "to solve the abortion society issue"... I mean, not until...

NOT UNTIL... we connect the dots.

We are messed up with. By big pharma. By big agra. By big THIEF - Taxation. Plunder - large scale.

This is a rat race. Everybody either struggle or use and abuse.

The moral hazard is about money. In the making it or stealing from others.

Everybody is scared. Either to lose their job or their entitlements.


We can't give much of ourselves in natural compassion when, ourselves, WE ARE RAPED, in many ways - in our property, our freedoms, our rights. Not just the U.S. Everywhere.

I repeat:

WE ARE RATS. In a race. And from time to time a woman is unfortunate enough to stumble upon a rapist or a scumbag who didn't leave his phone number and would never want to hear about a child and "the burden of providing" anyway.

Abortion is killing. The unborn. It's awful. For many different "reasons". Such a joke. "Reason"?

Now, that's big news.

A "reason"??? For the KILLING of an INNOCENT LIVING BEING WHO HARMED NO-ONE ... but whose future presence would be, somehow, deemed "undesirable"?

If that's the new trend for "reason", after the rational philosophers of 200+ years, I prefer to be qualified as an INSANE person, not a "rational/reasonable" one - that'd be less insulting.

Indeed, in my view, a modern, FREE, 21st century society worth of the name should enable the people TO DO EVERYTHING THEY POSSIBLY CAN to have the baby be born, instead.

But no. We expect "The Law" to decide for us in time, space, and level of power, because WE HAVE LOST FAITH IN PEOPLE, FAMILIES, helping themselves.

Just because we, are, ourselves, ABUSED, EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY - seeing always more taxes withheld, seeing always more idiotic regulations making our daily lives a pain in the butt for moving, driving, buying, eating - we are OVERWHELMED so much by our UNNATURAL environmental constraints - decided by PSYCHOS - that WE LOSE our natural compassion for others BY THE MINUTE. While our robotic indifference soars.

What COULD we do about it?

How could we BECOME thinking and loving humans again - instead of THE PAVLOV-CONDITIONED RATS that TPTB want us to be reengineered into?

That's the good news and the bad news.

The good news is the answer, for me, IS SO SIMPLE.

The bad news is the performing of it isn't going to be easy. That will require lots of efforts.

But it's SO VERY SIMPLE to explain - here it is:

FIX ALL THESE MORAL HAZARDS AND DECEPTIONS, FIRST, precisely, that make EVERYBODY LIVE in a rat race that only the crooks and parasites are making profit of...

DENOUNCE the enslavement of the productive people. DENOUNCE the giving excuses to others for their being envious, to rely on entitlements, to be dependents on the state.

... and then, abortion WILL EXTINGUISH BY ITSELF, or quasi.

There will still be some, IN EXTREMELY RARE cases only, IN REALLY EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES only.

Till then people are STILL losing their humanity. Conditioned. Thinking shallow.

No wonder some, if not most, either want to decide about the morality bounds for everybody else or are just completely indifferent. When one is a rent-seeking politician only concerned by his/her next bribe, it's SO VERY easy to vote FOR or AGAINST abortion, in the gov't Houses of "Representatives" ... it's not/can't be about their kids anyway.

Yes. It's so very easy to say yes or no or maybe.

When they don't give a dime to these BABIES lives, in fact. Only is the TIME TO PRETEND. The time to buy themselves a little more time in the race, as the rats they are, too.

Or, what did I miss?


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