Comment: BRAVO Austin Peterson!!!!

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BRAVO Austin Peterson!!!!

As soon as I saw the title of this thread, I knew it concerned Kent Snyder. Austin Peterson crushed Thom Hartmann in this interveiw. Thom Hartmann LOST IT.

Austin Peterson clearly showed his compassion, generosity, and respect for human life, to live, to learn, to make our own choices, including to help one another.

Thom Hartmann had no rebuttle, and he prooved he would emply violence, even at the point of a government gun, to achieve ribbing ALL Americans, in the name of helping people.

BRAVO AUSTIN PETERSON! Outstanding job!!! I was a little concerned in the beginning. I appreciate the story of Autin's beloved Mother and what his family went through to spare her life. At first I feared this may not go right, but as I watched, my heart began racing and I was excited and cheering, GO AUSTIN. Thom Hartmann interupted Austin frequntly, insulted him, and then blew up because he did not want people to hear what Peterson had to say.

Thom Hartmann underestimated Austin Peterson, and I pray to God that Ron Paul, Rand Paul suppoerters will study this interview, develope their own like message, because this show is a sign of what we are going to be debating in public, a desperate public, which Austin pointed out in the long waits for government healthcare, and many who are sick, from years of government FDA approved drugs and proceedures that kill slowly, and EPA products designed to benefit the death cult.

I met Kent Snyder, and know Kent was doing what he LOVED. He died from complications from AIDS which was the pneunmonia. There was no health insurance for Kent Snyder because of the AIDS diagnosis. Thom did not bring this up because it would have immediately moved his audience to the side of Austin Peterson, as many people in the same sex community watched their loved ones die, just as we watched Kent Snyder, who is a hero to me, because we would have never had a Ron Paul in 07/08 if not for Kent's encouraging his good friend Ron Paul to run for president.

Awesome job Austin. THANK YOU!!!!