Comment: The logic of this argument doesn't work

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The logic of this argument doesn't work

If we leave every women to her conscience and leave the issue between her and God when someone's life is at risk, then this logic will apply to all murders and homicides. Then by this logic, the government cannot make a decision to punish criminals who takes another person's life!

The government has a basic and fundamental duty in carrying out justice and maintain order and peace. Evil doers need to be punished by the government. That is that absolutely lowest common denominator for law and morality, government punishes the evil doers after the fact of the crime.

So if we leave a woman or any body for that fact, to her or his own conscience when someone else's life is involved, then all governance and justice will break down. Then there can be no possible way to prosecute any murderers at all!

Abortions need to be outlawed, when we recognized that it is an innocent live at stake. What the government and the local churches and community can do is to set up a well organized system for adoption. It can take away the burden of raising an unwanted child, and take away the need for abortion. Also, the system need to hold men accountable for their actions. Abortion actually gave men a free pass in taking advantage of women free of any consequence. So, men need to be held responsible for their actions. Taking away abortion is a first step. This is the only way to go about the issue of abortion, without compromise on the lives of innocent children.