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Neither drug you're on is an SSRI

And not everyone who's on SSRIs experiences the problems they can lead to.

"Why can't we just blame the person?"

They're not using the drugs as a tool to commit murder, it's not like it is with guns where the guns are used as a scapegoat to absolve those responsible of any blame. There's a substantial difference, wherein one is the tool (guns) and the other may verifiably be why the person even thinks of committing murder in the first place.

Watch the video, please. It's less about people on SSRIs hurting others than it is about them hurting themselves. "Thought's of suicide" is a common side effect of taking these drugs. Does that make sense to you? Giving depressed people pills that might ultimately make them think about killing themselves? Why would it be such a stretch to think the very same medicine may want to make them kill other people? Would it be more appropriate if these drugs were labeled with the possible side effect of "thoughts of homicide" and do you think the pharma companies would actually put that shit on there?