Comment: The pro-life movement is really stupid....and I'm in it.

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The pro-life movement is really stupid....and I'm in it.

I realized a long time ago that abortion will only stop when the hearts of the mothers are changed--because, like you say, a woman can take an herb to have an abortion.

Every time the pro-life lobby gets a bill like this passed they are further solidifying the pro-abortion argument that the fetus is not a baby. I WILL NOT sign petitions for laws to inform the mother that her baby will feel pain, or that abortion must wait 24 hours, or that a mother must see an ultrasound. Because it is basically saying, "yes it's a baby, but we can kill it after these things are done".

Any time anything real is going to be done to actually stop abortion, the pro-life movement (National Right-to-Life, etc.) works against it by saying it's too harsh or it's not the right time. Sad but true--their livelihood (donations) rely on abortion staying legal, so they are not going to do what it takes to stop it. They'll just pass all these little regulations so they can pretend they are pro-life.

So, my fellow pro-lifers ask me what I think we should do to stop abortion. I say, at a local level, the sheriff should say, "no abortionist in my county". Don't go after the mothers (it's unenforceable unless you trample everyone's rights)--go after the killers themselves. And all the while, we need to be showing women how they've been lied to and convinced to go against their nature by not having and raising children. We must show them how abortion damages them. We must show them that God will hold them accountable for murder. And, We must show them that motherhood is beautiful.

Christians should not be warmongers!