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Comment: It took me YEARS

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It took me YEARS

to change my mind and attitude and perspective on life, the role of Government, foreign policy, and monetary policy. Years of battling my own thoughts to eradicate the neocon from myself, as many of us in this revolution had to do. How dare you sir call the best senator by far right now a traitor?

My god dude, we have much bigger fish to fry, also know as the tyrants running both party's, than cooking our own.

Rand Paul is exactly what this revolution needs. Someone who can BUILD the coalitions. Get on board or GTFO!!!

Face facts you purist, Ron Paul FAILED at building coalitions. He was an architect that helped myself and millions of other Americans break barriers in our own minds.

This Revolution needs one of us in POWER so we can eradicate that POWER. Stop barking from the armchair and tryout for the quarterback position.