Comment: And you do know if Rand were

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And you do know if Rand were

And you do know if Rand were to say he wouldn't protect Israel, he'd be banished from the inner circle forever just like his father, right?

Unlike us here at the DP, the majority of Americans see Israel as a country we must protect -- especially within the GOP.

It would be political suicide for Rand to say anything else! Stop trying to divide this movement into pro and anti Rand! Rand has the backing of all the true fiscal conservatives in the GOP, which also includes the bulk of neocons. Rand is slowly warming those people up to a alternative foreign policy. Go look at his Facebook page, libertarians are constantly converting tea partiers and neocons to our side. Speaking of things like ending foreign aid and following the constitution for war are baby steps one must take. You can NOT just go out and say we don't need to be interventionists, that will lose his whole GOP base in an instant and BOOM, he's back in Ron's position.

Ron is no doubt guiding Rand through his decisions based off his own experience. If some of you could see it, Rand will be in a good position in 2016 with the majority of the GOP plus the Liberty movement.

For those who can't see that for what it is and then try to divide the movement because of it, shame on you.