Comment: Intelligent?

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Anyone who goes through medical school and residency HAS TO BE INTELLIGENT! Playing politics is a very nasty part of being a politician, that serves at least two terms. The longer he is in DC, the longer people will hear a voice of reason, intelligence, and common sense! Just because I don't agree with someone does not make me or you less intelligent!

There are many Christians that agree with this, and are also in agreement with being friends with Israel. Considering that we worship a special Jew, how could we hate those responsible for our path to salvation? In this country, so far, people cannot be told what religion to practice. Atheists, in the same way, have a right to not worship. Politics, although separated from religion, by the first amendment cannot remove a politician's beliefs. They are ingrained in our being. Expecting anything less, is not based on the reality that our world is.