Comment: Comparing Rothbard to Icke isn't really fair.

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Comparing Rothbard to Icke isn't really fair.

You're right. Murray Rothbard is worse. At least David Icke admits that he sees you as a mindless repeater here to peddle his snake oil.

I don't see you as a mindless person or a repeater, and I don't want you to get taken in by the likes of Murray Rothbard EVER again. I don't want you to get memory holed. You deserve better. You deserve liberty, but you'll have to win the debate within government and use collective force to defend individual liberty.

"Freedom, liberty, and their common defense."

You'll need to keep on winning the debate for as long as you can, and in a world filled with covetous people, it won't be easy, but it IS possible.

There's NO WAY to win in Anarchism. Supporting Anarchism is like throwing in the towel and trying to use collective force to take what you unjustly want without debate, representation, or consent. You want power, but you know you don't have the right to it, and should you ever win, those who have the biggest wallets will claim that might makes right.

Ancaps want their WALLETS to win the debate in a free market of collective force. They want to use coercion and the principle of self interest to control society but all that gets served is injustice. The only thing that gets served are those with the biggest wallets and the greediest souls. The most self interested Anarchists win, those who want to buy privilege through collective force, so they try and destroy what's standing in their way; government.

It's not going to happen, and all you'll get for your efforts is used and destroyed. (memory holed)