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Rand is talking Political Talk

to pick up the Christian right. However right or wrong the evangelicals may be on the matter there was a pervasive issue with them believing that RP was "anti-israel" and this was a deal breaker for most of them. There is a reason the establishment pushed the idea, because they knew it would drive a wedge between the Liberty folks, and the Evangelical right. The perception of Ron as anti-Israel cost him the nomination, and I am sure Ron (and Rand) knows it. I believe Ron didn't try too hard to dispel this idea because he probably didn;t really want to (certainly never expected to) be nominated. I believe Rand does want the nomination for real, and he knows an anti-Israel label will be the issue that can deny him the nomination so he is going out of his way to cut the accusation off before it can be made.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois