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Comment: Who's gonna attack Israel and their 300 nuclear weapons???

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Who's gonna attack Israel and their 300 nuclear weapons???



It’s Israel that does the attacking – their favorite being the unarmed civilians of Gaza. They tried Lebanon back in ’06, and got their asses handed to them, so they’ll most likely stick with killing the women and children in Gaza going forward

HOWEVER, Israel has huge ambitions. They want to dominate and control the Middle East by toppling the governments of the largest countries and installing “US controlled” (i.e., Israel controlled) puppets so that the smaller counties will fall in line. The problem is that the IDF can’t even beat a band of rag-tag bandits in Lebanon. So what do they do? They enlist the blood and treasure of the American people to do their fighting for them via "the war on terror". If we refuse, as I’m sure a President Paul most defiantly would (he's not going to attack Iran!!), case closed. Israel would have to negotiate with its neighbors or else be cut off from commerce, water, oil and other natural resources.

In the end, Rand will get the neo-con Israel first vote without having to give them shit in return.