Comment: Here. Rand wants to end all

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Here. Rand wants to end all

Here. Rand wants to end all foreign aid.

Source: The New American

Paul proposed gradually reducing all U.S. foreign aid, with Israel being among the last recipients of such aid to feel the pinch.

“I’m all for gradualism,” he said. “I would start a little more quickly with those who are enemies of Israel, and enemies of the U.S. I would like to see their aid end more quickly. With regards to Israel, it could be a gradual phenomenon.”

In this he echoed the words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who told Congress in 1996 that Israel needed to “achieve economic independence” from the United States by “gradually reducing the level of” U.S. aid — a speech that Paul cited twice in his remarks.

The second reason ending foreign aid would be beneficial, Paul said, is that making Israel self-sufficient would give it a free hand to make its own policy without having to seek permission from Washington. According to the Post:

Paul asked whether “our aid hampers Israel’s ability to make its own decisions as it sees fit,” and whether “our money sometimes clouds the sovereignty of Israel.”

The senator … said he was often asked what Israel should do about the settlements, Gaza and Iran.

“Well, America should and does have an opinion on these things,” he said. “But ultimately these are decisions you have to make. I don’t think you need to call me on the phone and get permission to stop missiles raining down from Gaza.”