Comment: I think the paid Rand trolling has started early, very early.

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I think the paid Rand trolling has started early, very early.

It's my guess that more than half of the anti-Rand ranting is done by paid operatives. Unfortunately, he's probably drawing as much fire from Obama/progressive trolls as he is from Establishment GOP hacks.

And, unfortunately, there appear to be a number of folks who call themselves members of the Liberty movement, but who think and speak like intolerant authoritarians and collectivists.

It's weird. As a pro-choice agnostic, I didn't agree with Ron Paul on everything, but I never felt the need to shred him the way Rand's enemies have shredded him over his politically astute statements.

And, as someone else pointed out earlier, statements aren't votes.

There is no more pro-Liberty voter in the Senate than Rand Paul, and at the moment there's no more popular potential 2016 GOP candidate than Rand Paul, and that is really pissing off some people who are heavily invested in the status (or statist) quo.

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