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Comment: Thank you for the Linda Thompson links

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Thank you for the Linda Thompson links

I spent yesterday on them. I have tried to see if she is still around. Yesterday all I found was some lone unanswered post that asked if she was still around and said something about her being an agent provocateur to out the militias.
Anyways, I didn't spend anymore time. But today in some of my lookings for other topics I found this:
It is Congressman McFadden talking about the Federal Reserve circa 1930 and documenting in congress their nefarious works.
Did you know they funded Japan's war to against Russian? I think you will find the info interesting unless you already know all about it. I didn't look at the rest of the website and I haven't finished reading the single page that I am on. I may back up Suttons work somewhat as far as I can see so far.