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Been fluctuated through all sorts of antidepressants for 9-13 years, or since I was around 9 years old. If these meds are responsible for suicide, its because they are disappointed that the meds aren't working, while in the meantime their emotional problems are disregarded because the meds "need more time". A lot of Depression comes from suppressed emotions and if parents were able to talk to their child, and listen to what he says and help him in the way he thinks he needs help, things would be a lot better for that individual.

Also Schizophrenics are more likely to kill themselves before they harm anyone else. And if they do harm someone, it would more then likely be their family. Fact! They aren't Satanic demons here to destroy humans. They are scared, and hate themselves because they are not normal. If you harmed or physically pushed a Schizophrenic, depending how far he is into his episode, he might stab you then run away. But they aren't killing people that haven't done anything to them. They aren't told to kill people either. They are yelled at and degraded and brainwashed by voices if thats the case. They are paranoid, not psychopaths. If they fear of being harmed, they might harm. But they aren't looking for people to kill.