Comment: I was in Memphis last week over the MLK holiday.

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I was in Memphis last week over the MLK holiday.

The National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel is an awesome spectacle to behold.

I encourage everyone who happens to be in Memphis to visit the Museum. It costs 3 dollars to get inside.

By comparison, I think it costs something like 32.00 to visit Graceland.

You will, unfortunately, see that the museum's exhibits are heavily biased towards James Earl Ray as the "lone assassin". Perhaps, we can help change that perception with a continuing expose of this information.

To be at that spot, though, transcends who was guilty. It is a moving and hallowed area to be within.

One overriding theme of the museum that I found to be important is not just "who" killed Dr. King but "what" killed Dr. King.

We all fully understand that for funding to come from ANY "government" entity the "government line" must be followed (27 million dollars was allocated for this Museum).

Perhaps this is the way the truth is trying to be exposed by those that know. To see the cracked open window as it was, the bath tub, the view of the window from the Motel, and the very close proximity of the shooter and the balcony, is sobering. The bushes and weeds may be gone but the area where the man was seen crouching is still intact, as it was on April 4th, 1968.

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