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define usury what

define usury please.

at what point is the rate a consenting lender charging to a consenting borrower "usurious"?

the problem is, and always has been, coercion. Something the government and ONLY the government has a monopoly on INITIATING. not the corner grovery, not the Fed.

"The Federal Reserve inflates your money, takes interest on the money it loans, and in effect is stealing your labor at the same time. Some equate this to slavery. A dollar, or unit of currency should be inelastic, your labor as is your private property right, should be preserved."

Privatize the Fed!!! Make them operate like every private busines: the only customers you have are the ones who want to vountarily do business with you.
And they ahve a right to do that. Just like I have a right to open a PRIVATE business where my marketing slogan is: "Walk in, give me your moiney, and ill keep it". Obviously I'd get no customers. I'd go out of business. The Fed differs from my hypothetical business in only ONE regard; they can use the government's force to COMPEL it's customers to remain customers (remember how we agreed that monopolies are a product of the state, right?)