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Comment: I don't think he is trying to

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I don't think he is trying to

I don't think he is trying to fool anyone. I think he's been honest from the start. The problem is that he is not his father and many people here foolishly hold him to those standards. They all want a revolution and realistically that cannot happen unless they want utter chaos...which I believe some here actually want. The idea of a revolution is crazy. Not even the founders wanted a revolution. The rise up of the people was a last resort. I myself would rather have a political movement. I think Rands plan of cutting 75% spending is a good start. I also think cutting foreign aid to our enemies first and then weaning our allies is a good start also. The fact is...we are too far gone. It's too big to rip the bandaid off this one. We need to position ourselves for a smooth transition. Realistically.