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There probably are some people

who don't have sexual desires. I'm sure there's some medical definition for it as well. That can't be put into the same category with homosexuality since most homosexuals aren't that way because of any kind of known, physical disease.

I see we're finally making progress toward common ground.

"I would argue that adding other fun desirous behaviors is perfectly natural. Why not?"

Here I agree. You don't have to be procreating to enjoy sex. In fact, I would assume that most of the time when married couples do it, they're not doing it with the intention of having a baby. But, that pretty much sums up homosexuals and "bisexuals" (although they're really just overly promiscuous heterosexuals). They do it to have fun, not because that's "who they are." Maybe that's what they've become through classic conditioning in their pursuit to "have fun."