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I'd love to believe the remarks Rancid made to you, but comon, this is called "politics," and you have to learn how to pick those suckers off you when they imbed their little sucking heads in your arm or other parts of your body as you're going thru life.

Do you REALLY think Prepus is reading the DP? If he is, it's just for laughs about how stupid we are to think we'll ever take over the party. This guy just got finished running a national convention & then a presidential campaign. He probably doesn't even have time to read his kid's report cards. I know that RON PAUL doesn't have time to read the Daily Paul. So, for Chrissakes, I LOVE what you did Jeff, in schmoozing with this guy, but these poly ticks are masters at working people, otherwise they wouldn't have gotten as far as they have. As far as him "knowing" Benton, that would have made my hair curl like Larry. Now we all know everyone "knows" each other in these circles, but I don't like Rancid "knowing" Benton as if they were so cozy with each other. How come we got knifed in the back by the Rancefather at the convention if they were on such a "knowing" basis? I honestly think Prepus is fishing around to see if he can reel any of us in on his line of "friendliness." Do you really think you can trust this ##@$%! after Tampa?

Methinks you were played like a fiddle. Just sayin'....

Still waiting to hear what in the hell happened with our National Committeeman & Woman of Nevada. James Smack was supposed to make the nomination speech for Mark Willis.....