Comment: Seems like Mr. Preibus

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Seems like Mr. Preibus

Has already taken a dump in his mess kit. Forget it Reince, until you are gone...there will be no "coming together".

I know it is too late, but you should have given some thought to the effect your actions might have had; not to mention your actions were underhanded and borderline criminal, void of any integrity whatsoever.

It would be nice to think that a full and open apology from you would perhaps close the rift you made between leadership and constituents of the party. Unfortunately, trusting you to do what is right in the future is not a responsible option.

In a nutshell...I dont trust you and never will. You can count on me to call out your true nature as vocally as I can at every opportunity and in every setting. I care about my country and am making it my personal mission.