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He absolutely did. Ron Paul

He absolutely did. Ron Paul wouldn't have. I wouldn't have. That is the one thing differing thing in his record. But one thing he did do, was the only Senator not to give the President the go ahead to take military action if he wanted to. 98-1. The only nay.

So his record is of 99% of Ron Paul's. Gary Johnson was very pro-choice, wanted the fed to legalize gay marriage instead of just getting out of the marriage business, and supported military action for humanitarian reasons. Did that stop people from voting for him? No. He wasn't Ron Paul, but he was still pretty good.

Some people are holding Rand up to this microscope, and if he does just the slightest thing Ron wouldn't do...OH HE'S A TRAITOR AND THE WORLD'S OVER. But some of the same people voted for Gary Johnson or supported him or never criticized him in the same light like they do Rand who is more libertarian. It's just ridiculous.