Comment: Check out this guys comments

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Check out this guys comments

They speak volumes.

I like Rand's views (from what I've read and seen in his speeches and such) more than 95% of all Republican members of Congress and more than 99% of all Democrat members of Congress. I didn't mind Kucinich much.

Nobody is perfect. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. That certainly isn't me.

Sure, it hurt my feelings when he endorsed Romney, although he is the good doctor's son and I'm sure they spoke about it on end. Father knows best. As a father I know what my son is thinking just by looking at his face.

And I still gave money to Dr. Paul's campaign after (maybe foolish, but hopefully went to good use. Maybe it will help subsidize his upcoming speeches.)

I get Rand's weekly newsletters and it seems he does a lot of local level stuff on a daily basis, maybe for posture, maybe his true feelings, likely a mixture of both. I like reading his weekly stuff almost as much as Dr. Paul's weekly updates.

Unfortunately I think he may run and do many speeches and then Rubio may be nominated and steal part of or all his message. Every NeoCon I know loves Rubio. It seems like Romney did the same with Dr. Paul although I didn't pay too much attention to Romney because he was a patsy. But he did seem to flip flop big time towards the end more towards Ron Paul's message.

No matter what happens I'm not getting my hopes up, but trying not to let this coin of two sides get me down. There is only one coin. One beast, two heads.

In any case we are talking two different Pauls here. I haven't noticed any "Rand Trolls" here. There are a few people with the Rand 2016 sticker thing next to their name and they do say some Pro Rand stuff, but come on.

The only reason I am commenting is to espouse my feelings on Rand.

Someone aught to look in the mirror though. Seriously. And look deep.